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Hello. This is TORMENTIAL.

TORMENTIAL is a pseudonymous artist creating emotionally evocative dark art as a means of self-discovery. A lifelong artist, He paints, creates electronic music, and owns a 100-year-old printing press.

Since joining the NFT space in June 2021, He has created predominantly handdrawn, glitched, and AI artworks for the blockchain. He prefers to combine those styles to craft elaborate mixed-media artworks. TORMENTIAL utilizes His unique set of skills to create colourful, technically challenging, and thought provoking pieces. The themes of His art include kink (inspired by His BDSM lifestyle), the Arctic, and dark psychology (including works rooted in both trauma and dark triad personality traits).

TORMENTIAL’s art style is difficult to pin down as He creates work both realistic and abstract, hard and soft, generative and natural.

His work can be found on OBJKT, MakersPlace, zeroone, Campfire, and Joyn.


Art on OBJKT

TORMENTIAL is on zeroone:
Kink and Dark Art Glitched AI Work
Softer Abstract and Surreal Art

Purchase My zerooneart on Campfire:
Kink and Dark Art Glitched AI Work
Softer Abstract and Surreal Art

TORMENTIAL is on Campfie:
TORMENTIAL Campfire Page

Other Campfire Collections:
Glitched Kink Art (Not Zero One)
Dark Art Experiments


Hic Et Nunc Art on OBJKT


The Devil and All His Friends

1/1 Dark Abstracts

1/1 Protection Circles



Yakuza Kill Squads

BDSM Still Lifes

1/1 Arctic Abstracts

Amazing Women of the Moon

Darktober 2022


The Wolves Collection

Kalamint Public Domain Art Classic Remixes

Other Art & Collections

“The Casting Out of Lilith”
(SuperChief Dark Art Rising Collection)

2021-22 AI Art (Separate Wallet)


1/1 Body Horror Porn

Versum Black & White/Monochrome Collection

Unstable Insanities